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Mobil Almo 500 Series
Mobil Almo 500 Series lubricants are premium quality high performance products primarily intended for the lubrication of pneumatically operated rock drills in underground and surface mining operations - 15k

Mobilgrease 28
Mobilgrease 28 is a supreme performance, high temperature, antiwear grease designed to combine the unique features of a polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluid with an organo-clay (non-soap) thickener - 21k

Mobil SHC™ Grease 68 Moly
Mobil SHC™ Grease 68 Moly is a synthetic all-weather grease that offers excellent lubrication performance over a very wide operating temperature range. - 12k

Mobilarma 700 Series
The Mobilarma 700 Series contains three premium performance rust preventives that cover a range of applications including storage and inter-operational activities - 14k

Mobil EAL Arctic Series
Mobil EAL Arctic Series are high performance Environmental Awareness Lubricants (EAL) that are fully synthetic products designed specifically for the lubrication of refrigeration compressors and systems, using ozone-friendly HFC refrigerants - 15k

Mobiltherm 600 Series
Mobiltherm heat transfer oils are high performance products intended for use in closed indirect heating installations. - 16k