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Lubricant plant (Lube Oil Blending Plant)

Lube Oil Blending Plant Rotterdam

The lubricant plant or Lube Oil Blending Plant of Mobil Oil B.V. in Pernis was built in 1955 and has been continuously expanded over the years. It produces lubricants for machines in industry and shipping and for engines in lorries, cars and aircraft. The lubricants are transported from this company in various forms of packaging to clients in the Benelux, Europe and en Africa.

What We Do

Hundreds of different lubricants are blended from base oils, a refinery product, and special additives. Each lubricant has its own method of preparation and specifications. All the lubricants are tested in the company's laboratory. After approval, the lubricants are packaged in drums, tins and bottles for shipment to the clients. Some lubricants are also shipped in bulk by tanker or ship. The packaged products are put into temporary storage pending transport to the clients.

Useful to Know

The Lube Oil Blending Plant in Pernis is the second largest ExxonMobil plant in Europe and the sixth largest in the world.

The plant in Pernis meets all environmental requirements and has been certified according to ISO 9000 and a management system similar to ISO 14000l standards.

Fact Sheet

ExxonMobil Lube Oil Blending Plant
Butaanweg 161
3196 KC  Pernis
Havennummer 3018
Postbus 160
3190 AD  Hoogvliet
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 (0)10 - 263 1545
Fax. +31 (0)10 - 416 1129

Trade register number : 27004771
Registered office: Breda

Number of employees: 95

Various lubricants for:
- Industry, such as Mobilgear, Spartan, Teresstic, Nuto, DTE 20, Vacuoline, Mobil SHC and Mobilgrease;
- Car engines, such as Mobil 1, Esso Ultra and Delvac;
- Shipping, such as Mobilgard.